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What directions should be paid attention to during the use of the rewinder?

Author:Jiangsu Tailong Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd Visits:2 Date:2023-09-01

A high-quality device naturally has its own characteristics and advantages in order to stand out in the market. In daily use, we should pay attention to which directions to choose, which is a prerequisite to ensure the safety and reliability of the use process.
Direction 1: Remove foreign objects.
Before starting the rewinder, further clean the gaps and surfaces of dust and foreign objects to ensure the safety of performance and effectiveness. From the actual situation in the past few days, if foreign objects appear in the working guide, it is easy to affect the curling effect, thereby greatly reducing the quality of the finished product. Therefore, paying attention to details before starting is a particularly important choice, so we should keep it in mind.
Direction 2: Pay attention to regular polishing of the roller table.
In order to improve the efficiency of heavy-duty rolling machines during the process, using sandpaper for polishing is still a very important performance. It can not only ensure safety and safety during the use stage, but also ensure freedom during operation. After polishing, wipe with alcohol and it is believed that the effect will be achieved.
For the rewinder, considering these details and directions during use will make the problem more safe and reliable during the processing stage, which is worth more friends' reference.